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Modular Javascript + MVVM for Silverlight Developers - Design

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1 comments   /  Video with Braulio Diez  /  7 minutes  /  Apr 05, 2013
Tags:   javascript , mvvm , silverlight , braulio-diez
Categories:   General
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This video accompanies the article "Modular Javascript + MVVM for Silverlight Developers" by Braulio Diez!

Guest profile

Braulio Diez

Braulio Diez

Braulio Díez is a software developer specialized in Microsoft technologies. Braulio has more than 15 years experience working on international projects. Braulio is a Silverlight MVP, technical writer, CompletIT partner, trainer and speaker.


  • AbdulQadirKhatri

    Re: Modular Javascript + MVVM for Silverlight Developers - Design

    posted by AbdulQadirKhatri on Jun 24, 2014 22:30
    I love the blog. Great post. It is very true, people must learn how to learn before they can learn. lol i know it sounds funny but its very true. . .Tracy Briggs

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