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Exploring Silverlight 4: Printing in Silverlight 4

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1 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Nov 20, 2009
Tags:   printing , silverlight-4
Gill Cleeren is really happy that Silverlight 4 now brings real printing to the table and is impatient to try it.

All printing is done using the PrintDocument class. In it’s PrintPage event, we can specify what content needs to be printed. This can be the entire screen, a control that’s part of the visual tree or even a control that’s generated on the fly. Finally, we use the Print() method to perform the actual printing of the document.


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    RE: Exploring Silverlight 4: Printing in Silverlight 4

    posted by Julian on Jan 28, 2010 17:13

    Silverlight has been catching up with Flex, but in Silverlight 4, there are features in Silverlight that are just not possible in Flex (COM interop / Drag and Drop from the desktop), while other features that previously were only possible in Flex, are now also available in Silverlight 4.


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