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Free SilverlightShow Webinar: Networking with Sockets in Windows Phone

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2 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Oct 18, 2011
Tags:   webinar , windows-phone-7 , networking , peter-kuhn
free webinar networking with sockets in windows phone by peter kuhn

This webinar has been delivered on November 9th, 2011.

Watch the recording | Get the slides (.ppt/.pptx)


Windows Phone comes with several built-in options to do networking, for example to access web services or conveniently make http requests. But with the recent "Mango" update, several new options have been added that enable additional scenarios like multiplayer gaming or instant messaging – all of which were hardly possible before, or only with several limitations in place. In this webinar we will take a look at these features and learn how you can use them to enable performant, custom networking in your application.
The contents in particular:
  • Sockets: an overview of the new networking features in "Mango"
  • TCP vs. UDP: making a decision
  • Sample code
  • Obstacles during development and testing
  • [Optional] Advanced topic: Multicast

Presenter: Peter Kuhn

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About the speaker:
Peter KuhnPeter Kuhn, aka "Mister Goodcat" is an MCPD for .NET, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, and has earned the Microsoft Community Contributor award in 2011. He has more than ten years of experience as developer, project lead and technical director. Today he works as trainer for Microsoft .NET, Silverlight business application development and the Windows Phone 7 platform (both Silverlight and XNA), and as technical author. You can find his trainings and more info on http://www.goodcat-trainings.net/.

Peter is the author of many SilverlightShow articles, among which the appreciated 14-part article series 'XNA for Silverlight Developers' (also available as an ebook). He also delivered SilverlightShow webinar 'XNA for Windows Phone 7' (watch the recording) and a SilverlightShow-supported training on XNA for Windows Phone.

Who is this webinar appropriate for:
Windows Phone developers
60-70 minutes, including Q&A

Technical Requirements:
Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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  • chrisaswain

    Re: Free SilverlightShow Webinar: Networking with Sockets in Windows Phone

    posted by chrisaswain on Nov 10, 2011 16:34
    When should we expect the recording to be available?
  • SilverlightShow

    Re: Free SilverlightShow Webinar: Networking with Sockets in Windows Phone

    posted by SilverlightShow on Nov 10, 2011 18:14


    the recording is already online:

    The demos will be available later in the day.

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