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Grouping in Silverlight 3 DataGrid

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1 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Apr 22, 2009
Tags:   grouping , datagrid , silverlight-3
In this article Harsh Bardhan explores how to group data from a static datasource. He then connects to database and shows how to group the data from the database.

While using the DataGrid in Silverlight 2, a common requirement was to group similar records (For e.g. group all records of particular city together). We got a similar mail from one of our visitors Rachida, who wanted to know how to group data in the Silverlight DataGrid. Well in Silverlight 3 DataGrid, this feature has been added and now we can group records with ease.


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    RE: Grouping in Silverlight 3 DataGrid

    posted by denise AYRE on Jul 26, 2010 14:45

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