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New SilverlightShow - Summary of Features and Improvements Introduced

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jun 10, 2011

These last months we’ve been working hard to bring you the new, much improved SilverlightShow design.

What's New?

 The long-awaited SilverlightShow forums! Post your Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 related questions there, or reply to other questions and earn member recognition! Check out the forums!

  SilverlightShow Community recognition program. Earn points by posting new content, and replying to questions asked inside our forums. Read what earns you points.

New member options:
  • Log into SilverlightShow with your Facebook account
  • Specific content (like article source code) restricted to members only
  • Monitor the stats for the articles you author from the Articles tab in your member profile.

What's Improved?


Better, friendlier user interface

 All content highlights featured on Home page. Content highlights available for each content topic too

 Better organization of learning materials. All news, articles, videos, books and other content are now grouped by topic. Check them out!

 Easier and faster site search, looking into into different types of content - books, news, articles, etc.

 Simplified and improved login and registration

 And finally, you may now find out more about SilverlightShow team, partners, contact and advertising options from our About section.


We welcome your opinion on the new site, as well as bug reports and improvement ideas. Feel free to post all these inside the Feedback section in our forums.

We hope you will find the new site easier to use, and look forward to see you soon at the top of our Hall of Fame!

Thanks for your support, as always!


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