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Silverlight 4's New INavigationContentLoader Interface

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Feb 09, 2010
Tags:   interfaces , silverlight-4
In this post Jeff Prosise talks about the new INavigationContentLoader interface added to the run-time in Silverlight 4.

One of the extensibility points added to the run-time in Silverlight 4 is the new INavigationContentLoader interface, which allows applications that use Silverlight's navigation framework to take control of page loading. In Silverlight 3, navigation URIs had to target XAML files containing Silverlight pages. In Silverlight 4, a navigation URI can target anything—a class name, a Web service that provides page content dynamically, or a XAML file contained in a remote XAP, for example—as long as an INavigationContentLoader implementation is present to support it.


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