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SilverlightShow Newsletter - Issue #1 (2010 January)

Dear members of SilverlightShow community,

We are excited to present the first issue of SilverlightShow quarterly newsletter! Interviews, contests, events, news and articles are just a few of the topics that we hope will challenge your quest for more information and diverse experience in the field of Silverlight technology.

What's in for this first edition:

The team at SilverlightShow wish you a most successful New 2010!

In view of the alarming consequences of climate changes, and the actions taken to promote and carry out environmental-saving activities worldwide, we would like to give our share and show the power that web applications have to convince, persuade, and spread the word!
We invite you to use your Silverlight skills and imagination to design attractive, educative and informative Silverlight-based applications that help support and promote any kind of environment-friendly activities. We, on our end, will make sure the best of your work reached as larger audience as possible!

Read the Official Rules of our Green Contest and join it!

With the rapid development of Silverlight as a line-of-business technology, we are seeing more and more interesting, attractive, user-friendly business applications based on it. One such application is successfully showcasing the works and achievements of its author.
In our Featured White Paper we'll introduce you to Silverlight MVP András Velvárt and the story behind the creation of his portal, and two of his award-winning projects.

Read the White Paper >>

Get acquainted with one of the most appreciated authors of SilverlightShow Articles and a Silverlight MVP Andrea Boschin. In this exclusive interview for SilverlightShow Andrea tells about the activities that gained him the title of Silverlight MVP, shares his opinion on Silverlight 4 and his expectations towards future releases.

Meet Andrea >>

The release of Silverlight 4 Beta has undoubtedly reflected upon the development plans of major providers of components for Silverlight.

We meet Nikolay Atanasov - Silverlight Unit Manager at Telerik - to learn more on what we should expect from Telerik RadControls for Silverlight for Q1'2010, and how Silverlight 4 will affect the development line for the products they offer.

Read the Interview >>

Part II of Andrej Tozon's article on creating a themable Silverlight Gallery using MEF explains how MEF can help us develop with MVVM pattern, expand Gallery themes, import more complex objects (like behaviors) and load themes from separate XAPs. Andrej also takes a deeper look at some of MEF’s concepts.

Read the Article >>

Our featured event for spring 2010 is MIX10, taking place from March 15th to March 17th, in Las Vegas, USA. Traditionally hosted by a luxury hotel on Las Vegas Strip, this event introduces designers and developers to Microsoft’s web platform and tools essential for creating great rich web applications. MIX10 is a great networking event too, making it real easy to talk to event speakers, Microsoft experts, or connect with any event attendee.

Sounds worth attending? Join our contest to win a full attendance and travel package for MIX10! Two more MIX passes available for first runner-up and Community Choice award winner!

Expect news on the event, interview with event organizers and live reports from Las Vegas on our Events page!
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