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"Silverlight: Write and Win!" Contest Submission Guidelines

The following are some basic guidelines how to submit your award-winning article for the "Silverlight: Write and Win!" contest. You are not required to follow them strictly but it is advisable.

Here is the pattern we are trying to follow when writing articles for SilverlightShow


Start with a brief description of what topic your article covers. Is it about a custom control? Or maybe something specific like authentication in WCF? Use <H3> tag to form the introduction header.

If you are writing about a custom control you've built it is best to put a sample demo right after the introduction. It is best to provide the output Silverlight control. A screenshot also works but it is not as fascinating as showing a live demo.

Download Source Code - Immediately after the demo put a link for downloading the source code. Many users prefer to try the source code by themselves even before reading the article.

Step #N

Continue with dividing your article to small sub topics - the steps the user should take to build the control / understand the technique you are explaining. All step headers should be formatted with <H3> tag. For smaller steps (substeps) you can also use <H4>.


Write a brief summary of what you have just showed.

Source Code

While putting a source code directly in the article is a great idea, it could be a mess with all those HTML formattings. To handle such problems in SilverlightShow we use Windows Live Writer and the awesome Code Snippet plug-in. We strongly advise you to do the same. This will ensure that your article will look the same way as you wrote it when we publish it.

Email it

Once you are done with the writing, just send the complete article along with the source code to editorial at Please enter "Silverlight: Write and Win!" in the subject.


If you have some doubts about your submission, you are free to write to us at editorial at and we'll come back to you.

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