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  • 18 comments  /  posted by  Corrado Cavalli  on  Dec 14, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    Tags:   out-of-browser , elevated-trust , corrado-cavalli
    This article is compatible with the latest version of Silverlight. Among the new features introduced with Silverlight 3.0, Out-of-Browser is certainly one that has aroused more interest among developers as it opens very interesting usage scenarios that go beyond the traditional Web application, with version 4.0 this feature has been enhanced with additional options that makes it a viable alternati ...
  • 13 comments  /  posted by  Andrea Boschin  on  Nov 27, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    Only 4 months have passed since 10 July 2009 - when Silverlight 3.0 has been released - and the last 18th November at the PDC the first beta of Silverlight 4.0 has been launched to the world. In this short time great work has been accomplished by the Silverlight team, adding some impressive new features, tuning some others and fixing a lot of bugs. During this short time the development has been d ...
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