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Silverlight 2 How-To

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0 comments  /  author  Rajesh Lal  /  released on  Dec 28, 2009
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Product Description

More and more developers are getting started with rich Internet and mobile application development using Microsoft's state-of-the-art Silverlight 3 platform. This book will help you rapidly build production quality code and gain real-world expertise. It brings together proven, tested sample code and step-by-step tutorials for more than 50 of the tasks Silverlight 2 developers need to master in order to build effective applications. Ranging from a few lines to several pages, this book's code samples show how to create interactivity; make the most of streaming and other media content; implement widgets and gadgets; create vector graphics, 2D images, and animations; generate ad banners; and much more. Silverlight 3 How-To ranges across the entire development lifecycle, covering everything from designing user-centered interfaces to visualizing data; working with web services to creating games; serving mobile devices to debugging, packaging, and deploying applications. Along the way, you will learn how to use Silverlight 3 with a wide variety of complementary Microsoft and industry-standard technologies, including XAML, LINQ, ASP.NET, Visual Studio 2008, Ajax, XHTML, RSS, and Microsoft SQL Server.

About the Author

Rajesh Lal, has a decade of experience in Microsoft Web technologies, with special focus on the User Experience Design (UX) techniques that are crucial in a Rich Internet Application (RIA) development. He has worked on Silverlight since its first version, and has presented widely on Silverlight media solutions to clients like NBA, UFC, and Dish Online. Currently Senior UIX Engineer at Sony Electronics, his core areas of expertise include Microsoft .NET technologies using C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server, as well as Microsoft and industry-standard web technologies such as XAML, WPF, Silverlight, AJAX, DHTML, XML-HTTP, and CSS.

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