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Dave Campbell's Getting Started With Silverlight Article

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1 comments   /   aggregated from Mike Harsh's Blog on Jun 08, 2007  /  original article
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For the few folks who don't know, Dave Campbell is a very prolific Silverlight blogger and frequent poster to the forums.  Dave has a collection of two dozen (and growing) Silverlight samples with in-depth walkthoughs and code explaining concepts how to perform basic UI tasks in Silverlight.  Dave has writen the first in what will hopefully be a series of tutorials for developers just getting started with Silverlight.  The first tutorial is a concise article showing how to add a simple bit of Silverlight to a web page.  Subscribe to Dave's blog for (frequent) updates on new articles and tutorials.

Update: Tutorials two, three, four, five, six and seven are now available.



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  • re: Dave Campbell's Getting Started With Silverlight Article  

    posted by Faisal on Dec 09, 2007 14:34
    Great stuff

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