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Details on 2 of the Upcoming in December Live! 360 Sessions by J. Peter Bruzzese

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0 comments   /   posted on Nov 01, 2012
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Cloud & Virtualization Live! is one of the 4 events in Live! 360 conference, taking place December 10-14 in Orlando, Florida. Peter Bruzzese is one of the key speakers at this event. Find out more information on Peter and the two sessions he will deliver.

Bio:  J. Peter Bruzzese (Triple-MCSE, MCT, MCITP) an Exchange MVP, is a co-founder and CIO of ClipTraining, an Exchange Instructor for TrainSignal, a well-known technical author for Que/Sams and others, a technical speaker for Techmentor, Connections and, at times, TechEd… and the Enterprise Windows columnist for InfoWorld.  In his spare time… well, with all that… let’s be honest… J. P. B. has no spare time. ;-)  Follow him on Twitter @JPBruzzese

If VDI is the Future, then IDV is the Present:  Everyone is talking about VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) but that is still a futuristic solution whereas intelligent desktop virtualization (IDV), a term nobody seems to be using, provides the value of centralized management without the added infrastructure expense we see with VDI.  It’s always great to look to the future, but companies need to provide solid solutions that are cost effective today  and that is where VDI fails and IDV succeeds.  This session will go into greater detail on the value of IDV over VDI.

Virtualizing Exchange: Best Practices and Gotchas!:  For years I’ve been talking about virtualizing Exchange, writing about virtualizing Exchange… and well, obviously virtualizing Exchange.  I’ve picked up a lot of essential best practices.  Some of these come from knowing the support policies of Microsoft for virtualization.  Some come from seeing what doesn’t work well in the real world and wanting to help folks avoid those common mistakes.  One thing is a certainty, you haven’t heard some of the tips I plan on presenting here, including one big secret for Exchange 2013 that may have you avoiding Exchange virtualization at times.  I’ll save that for the session.  ;-)

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