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Interview with Braulio Diez on the new book 'Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5: A Case Study in Action' (by Packt Publishing)

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0 comments   /   posted on Apr 09, 2012
Categories:   Line-of-Business , Interviews

In this short SilverlightShow interview we talk with Braulio Diez who is a co-author of the recently released e/book ‘Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5: A Case Study in Action’. Thanks to Packt Publishing, SilverlightShow readers may now purchase this book with a 27% discount using discount code dssvl2! Enjoy!

SilverlightShow: Hi Braulio! We have recently announced your new book ‘Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5’ on SilverlightShow Book Shelf, and it already got an unusually high number of visits. Following this interest, and thanks to Packt Publishing, we also published a free chapter from the book (read here). What do you think is the reason for this interest?

BD: Developing LOB applications using Silverlight is a perfect match, it allows you to develop at high speed level and base your applications on a robust architecture. This book is focused on this hot topic, we have applied on it lessons learned from real world experience.

SilverlightShow: Which parts of the book have you authored, and what would you name as the top/most interesting concepts covered in those?

BD: I have authored the following parts: Architecture, RIA Services, OOB and Security. The parts I like the best from this book, is the “real” life approach to RIA Services, how to manage unhandled errors, and the Architecture part (MVVM + MEF + MVVM Light toolkit).

SilverlightShow: Which do you think are the top 3 reasons for using Silverlight 5 for LOB applications?

BD: Avoid the browser versioning hell, take advantage of using C# on the client side, and separation of concerns + unit testing.

SilverlightShow: Does Silverlight 5 lack something to become a perfect technology for LOB?

BD: Does not work in an iPad or iPhone :)

SilverlightShow: There have been a lot of discussions on the future of Silverlight. What does Windows 8 mean for the future of Silverlight, and how will Win8 affect the development of LOB apps with Silverlight?

BD: Silverlight will have its place inside a desktop, if a tablet / mobile edition of the app is needed, we can take advantage of XAML + C# in WinRT.

SilverlightShow: Finally, why should someone get this book, rather than try to find coverage of the same topics on the Internet?

We have tried to cover in this book and end to end guide, based on real world experience, to quickly allow developers start implementing Silverlight LOB applications, it contains a complete LOB case study build gradually from start to finish throughout each chapter.

Thanks Braulio! Hope Silverlight developers will truly appreciate this book!



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