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Internationalization/Globalization in Silverlight - Part 1 - Terminology

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Ross Wozniak
Ross Wozniak
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1 comments   /   posted on Feb 26, 2010

This article is compatible with the latest version of Silverlight.

As mentioned in my first post I will use the term internationalization throughout this post in reference to the ability to present an application in multiple languages.

Technically I should use the term globalization, and often you will also see another term floating around, localization. These terms each have their own distinct meaning. The definition of each term and the reason for the terminology confusion is outlined on page 33 of this document (it’s actually page 5 of 34 in the PDF):



You may often come across abbreviations like I18N and L10N. The abbreviations take the first and last letters and the number of letters between them, so internationalization starts with an “I,” has 18 more letters, and then ends in an “N.”



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    RE: Internationalization/Globalization in Silverlight - Part 1 - Terminology

    posted by kk on May 18, 2011 12:00

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