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Announcing the Winner of Telerik Silverlight controls in SilverlightShow Post-webinar Survey

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1 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Dec 22, 2010
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Gill Cleeren's webinar 'Building an end-to-end Silverlight 4 Application' was quite a success, with more than 200 live attendees!

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We received lots of feedback in our post-webinar survey (thanks to everyone who contributed!) and picked the winner of a license for Telerik RadControls for Silverlight. 

The winner of a free license is Keith Safford. Congratulations, Keith!

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  • RE: Announcing the Winner of Telerik Silverlight controls in SilverlightShow Post-webinar Survey  

    posted by CyclingFoodmanPA on Dec 22, 2010 16:41

    Hi All,

    Yes, CyclingFoodmanPA is Keith Safford.  I have been in IT for over 25 years and started with COBOL, CICS, mainframe JCL (I know ugghhh) and through the years have moved to dBASE, Pascal, C, C++, MS Access, VB, and now to the .NET Platform.  I got bored with the mainframe arena as it never changed.  Now, I am in a platform where the only thing constant is change and am constantly in overload.  I am the sole developer at the company I work at so I am the SQL DBA, .NET Architect, Lead C# Developer, Lead UI Developer, and all else IT.  It has it's good and bad points.  Good in that I get to research and implement whatever I want, bad in the fact that when I get stuck, I don't have anyone to help.  Also bad in that I don't have anyone to bounce ideas off of and get constructive criticism on my ideas and architecture.  Our parent company runs an AS/400 application and our application is a SQL Server based application with MS Access as a front end with ODBC.  I am in the process of rearchitecting it to be a web based application utilizing the .NET 4 Framework, SL4, WcfRIA Services, MVVM, MEF (or Prism), etc.  Sooo, basically I am in overload now trying to learn all this stuff to figure the best technologies to use.  The Telerik RadControls for SL will enable me to "jaz" up the UI and hopefully make some progress in the future.

    Thanks for selecting me as the winner!

    Have a great holiday everyone!

    Keith S. Safford aka CyclingFoodmanPA


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