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Silverlight 4 – Implicit Styles and Themes

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Feb 16, 2010
Tags:   implicit-styles , theming , silverlight-4
In this post, Mike Taulty explains how to set up a set of implicit styles for all your controls in Silverlight 4.

I hadn’t really thought properly about implicit styles in Silverlight 4 although I wrote a little about it back here and it’s something that WPF always had ( if I remember correctly ).

The bit that I hadn’t really thought about was how you could set up a set of implicit styles for all your controls, throw them into separate resource dictionaries and then just load one style or the other at runtime and push it into the MergedDictionaries property of your application’s ResourceDictionary. It’s fairly obvious so I don’t think I’m stating anything new but I just hadn’t really thought about it.


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