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Recording of Webinar 'Leveraging Windows Azure for the Windows Phone Developer' by Samidip Basu

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2 comments   /  Video with Samidip Basu  /  62 minutes  /  Jan 05, 2012
Tags:   webinar , azure , windows-phone , samidip-basu
Categories:   Windows Phone
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Watch a recording of the webinar 'Leveraging Windows Azure for the Windows Phone Developer' delivered by Samidip Basu on January 4th, 2012.

Download the webinar slides | Download the demos

Webinar summary:

Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute, storage, networking and content delivery capabilities to host, scale and manage Web applications on the Internet. The Windows Azure platform can be used both by applications running in the cloud and by applications running on local systems. 

Windows Phone 7 is the latest smartphone OS from Microsoft. Built from the ground-up, Windows Phone 7 brings together what you care about most, and brings it to you in an innovative and simple Metro UI interface. You and your content are at the center of it all through the Start screen experience with Live Tiles and integrated Hubs which provide rich & continuous user experience. 

In this webinar, we take a close look at how Azure & Windows Phones could play together; and in general, why cloud support is needed for most well-designed mobile solutions. We discuss techniques on how a Windows Phone developer might consider leveraging Windows Azure for cloud infrastructure needs. Attendees should be able to gain solid understanding & real-world examples on how to use Windows Azure to augment Mobile solutions, specially on Windows Phone.


  • Introduction to Cloud Computing & Windows Azure
  • Push Notifications for Windows Phone
  • Push Notifications from Azure, including deep-linked secondary Live Tiles & Toasts for Windows Phone Mango
  • Why consider OData while leveraging the cloud in cross-platform Mobile solutions
  • Usage of SQL Azure & OData through Windows Phone
  • Usage of Azure-hosted WCF Services for Windows Phone
  • How to use Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone

3 of the attendees who left valuable feedback in our post-webinar survey won a free copy of Samidip's ebook 'OData & Cloud Augmentation of Windows Phone Applications'. 

Another 3 who weeted this webinar using tag #webinarsilverlightshow got a free ebook 'Windows Phone 7 Silverlight Cookbook' provided by Packt Publishing (read this book's review on SilverlightShow).

See the who are the lucky winners!

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Guest profile

Samidip Basu

Samidip Basu

Smidip Basu works as Manager Consultant with Sogeti USA LLC. out of their Columbus Unit. While his bread & butter job involves design, architecture & development of custom solutions for the clients of his company, he finds himself to be really passionate about Mobile development and serves as the Solutions Lead for MSFT Mobility Practice.

Samidip is a fanboy of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Having worked on Windows Phone from its early CTP days, he now spends much time spreading the word to discover the full potential of the new platform & cloud-based mobile solutions in general. Overall, a total technology & gadget lover, in short, a geek! He also has a lot of fun running the Central Ohio Windows Phone User Group (http://cowpug.org) with local #WPDevs and you’ll also find him sweating it out to run all-things-mobile M3 Conference (http://m3conf.com/). Samidip really enjoys technical speaking & writing and will do so anytime someone would listen. Spare times call for travel and culinary adventures with the gorgeous wife.

Please feel free to follow Samidip (@samidip) on Twitter for tidbits of information. He blogs at http://samidipbasu.com


  • evani.sekhar

    Re: Recording of Webinar 'Leveraging Windows Azure for the Windows Phone Developer' by Samidip Basu

    posted by evani.sekhar on Jan 12, 2012 10:24
    Wonderful demos & presentation. Thank you. Hey.. the slides are not downloadable for some reason. Can you fix that?
  • SilverlightShow

    Re: Recording of Webinar 'Leveraging Windows Azure for the Windows Phone Developer' by Samidip Basu

    posted by SilverlightShow on Jan 12, 2012 10:48

    Thanks for reporting the slides link issue Evani! It is now fixed.

    Glad you enjoyed this webinar, more webinars by Samidip will be announced soon (we announce webinars via member newsletters, twitter @silverlightshow as well as via our facebook page and linkedin group).


    Svetla, SilverlightShow

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