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  • 0 comments  /  aggregated from  Joe Stegman's WebBlog  on  May 05, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article

    I’m a few days late but finally getting around to posting my Mix session samples and source.  The first sample is of a front-end I built for MSN video.  The sample is available online here with the source here.  Here’s a screen shot of the sample:


    Video Search screen shot





  • Yes it works on the mac too!

    0 comments  /  aggregated from  Barak's Blog about Silverlight and beyond  on  (more than a year ago)   /   original article

    Just a quick note to remind you that "WPF/E" is indeed a cross platform presentation technology. Look at the screenshots of the samples on Firefox, Mac and IE7 (yes it also works also on IE6)

    MacOS Safari

    FireFox 2.0

    IE7 on Windows Vista

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