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Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight File Manager

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4 comments   /   posted by Michael Washington on Sep 09, 2009
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This took about 4 months of part-time work but I finally got the Silverlight Bridge File Manager working enough so I can release it. This is actually just a small part of a larger project that is Silverlight Bridge. Silverlight Bridge will eventually allow you to see the files on your local computer and drag and drop the files from your local computer to the folders on the server.

Silverlight Bridge is a project that Ian started when he decided that you should be able to see your local hard drive in a Silverlight application. Ian did make a proof of concept that proves his idea will work, he just needs to flesh it out into a complete framework. He has done a lot of work already and he will get back to working on it after he gets the latest chapters of our DotNetNuke book to the publisher.

Not to be left out of the fun I told him I would make a Silverlight File Manager that we can use to demonstrate Silverlight Bridge. For now, just the file manager is being released.

Right now it allows these functions:

  • Allows files to be moved by Dragging and Dropping
  • Allows multiple files to be Uploaded
  • Allows Folders to be Created, Updated, and Deleted
  • Allows Files to be Uploaded, and Deleted

You can get the Silverlight Bridge file manager and full source code on the Silverlight Bridge site:



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  • RE: Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight File Manager  

    posted by Fallon Massey on Sep 10, 2009 22:39

    The file manager doesn't work out of the box, it can't seem to find the files, and I can't see where I can set the root directory.

    This looks really good, but in lieu of documentation, working right out of the box needs to happen.

  • RE: Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight File Manager  

    posted by Fallon Massey on Sep 10, 2009 22:49

    CORRECTION:  I deleted the database I created manually, and used your Wizard, and it did work right out of the box.

    I'll have to see what you did, but I believe you may have modified the web.config.

    Thanks for this solution!

  • RE: Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight File Manager  

    posted by adefwebserver on Sep 10, 2009 23:33

    Please note there are directions here:

    Yes the wizard does modify the web.config based on the values you enter when going through the wizard.

  • RE: Silverlight Bridge - A Silverlight File Manager  

    posted by Thanigainathan on Sep 28, 2009 14:19


    Nice posting. Will be very very useul.




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