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Webcast: Event Handling

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0 comments   /   aggregated from Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek on Apr 16, 2008  /  original article
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Today's Webcast was intended to be a smooth presentation of a topic I know cold. Not uncharacteristically,  I went off on a tangent from which I never returned and ended up writing all my code spontaneously.

The good news was it was "fresher" the bad news was a few false starts; fortunately I was talking to pros who were very patient, and the key points were made:

  • You can set the container as the event handler for the contained objects (e.g., the stack panel can receive the click event for all the radio buttons
  • Some events bubble and some do not, and it is important to understand which do and which do not and what will happen accordingly
  • The rule of thumb is that events associated with a control (e.g, click) do not bubble but most events associated with mouse and keyboard do bubble; it's best to check the documentation.

The source code for the initial demo using radio buttons can be downloaded here and the source code for the two buttons can be downloaded here.

A complete walk-through of this idea is also covered in  Part 2 of my video on event handling which also has code available for downloading.

Thanks again for hanging in with me, and I have no idea what Microsoft does to me for running so far over-time. I'm sure I'll get a letter.



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