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Our next XNA Training Session is in July

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Jun 03, 2011
Tags:   xna , training , peter-kuhn

XNA for Windows Phone 7: a 3-day Online Training

Delivered by CompletIT and Peter Kuhn

Dates: July 13, 14 and 15

All trainees receive a free copy of the ebook XNA for Silverlight Developers

XNA for Silverlight Developers Ebook

     All SilverlightShow Ebooks 

Each day from 9.00 am till 1.30 pm PDT (your local time)
Fee for the full 3-day training course: $199


Unable to attend at this time of the day?
Send your desired time for this training to trainings [at] completit.com and an additional training session may be scheduled upon interest.

Are you interested in creating games for Windows Phone 7 but don't have any XNA experience? Are you tired of reading tutorials that put you in a passive role and provide answers to all the questions except those you really want to ask? Don't you just hate these "simple samples" that leave you flat once you want to do things slightly differently because they omit important details or are based on outdated information? Then this training is just right for you!
In this 3-day-training, expect a round trip to all the important technical topics in XNA for Windows Phone 7. This already includes information about the improvements of the upcoming "Mango" update. In addition, you will also talk about accompanying issues: what problems you potentially will be facing and solutions to them, what to do and what to avoid when you create your own games. How to publish your finished work and what monetizing options you have. And finally you will see that the story doesn't end once your game is finished. All this is rounded off by extensive Q&A sessions where you will be able to get answers to your most pressing questions.
Download the detailed schedule | Download the course outline (PDF) | Listen to a podcast about the training

I. Course Agenda

1. Common topics

  • From idea to the final game: how professional game design works
  • Game development as an indie developer: chances and limitations
  • Prerequisites for game development in general and on Windows Phone 7
  • Beta testing, publishing your finished game and rolling out updates
  • Monetizing options and what to expect from them
  • I have published my game! What now?

2. Technical topics

  • XNA's basic concepts and mechanisms
  • Creating a flexible structure for your games
  • Drawing 2D content, including text
  • Animations
  • Drawing 3D content
  • User input
  • Music and sound
  • Menus/UI frameworks
  • Tombstoning in games
  • Advanced topics
  • Debugging and profiling
  • Differences between Windows Phone 7 RTM and "Mango"

Depending on the available time and general consent of the trainees, individual parts can be shortened or discussed in more detail, and additional topics can be added to the list.
Trainees will be able to send their feedback on the topics using the initial sign up form, as well as through feedback forms displayed at the end of each training session.

II. About the Trainer
This training will be delivered by Peter Kuhn (aka Mister Goodcat) - author of Silverlight Show's XNA for Silverlight developers series, a recognized Silverlight community member with substantial commercial game development experience, recently awarded Microsoft Community Contributor award for his contributions to silverlight.net forum discussions.

Peter is known for his sophisticated articles and posts that go beyond the usual. He avoids the common "do this, then that, then that" style and instead also tries to answer the "why" on topics. He likes to provide background information, animate others to look at problems from different angles, and to critically balance pros and cons, talk alternatives. Peter tweets from @Mister_Goodcat.
III. About CompletIT
CompletIT is a Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 Training and Development company, committed to facilitate the adoption of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 technologies worldwide by organizing free webinars and trainings, by creating and supporting SilverlightShow portal and activities, by helping individuals and companies to get advantage of the vast capabilities of these two technologies.

IV. Course Duration
The course will be delivered in 13.5 hours, spanning in 3 days: July 13, July 14, July 15, from 9 am PST to 1.30 pm PST (includes two 15 mins breaks per day).

V. Course Pricing

The price for this 3-day training course is $199.

VI. Payments

After registration, you will be taken to a payment page where you may pay with your PayPal account, or any major credit card.

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please submit the first registration page (until the payment options are displayed), and then contact us at trainings [at] completit.com to receive the bank transfer details. We'll notify you when you transfer has been received, and will send your training confirmation.
VII. Referral Discounts

For every trainee you refer, you can get 20% off your training fee. The referral discounts you accumulated (if you referred more than one trainee) are refunded to the PayPal account used to send your own training fee.
Referral discounts are only applied if the trainees referred did not cancel their training subscription.

To attach a referral to your name, please ask the trainee you refer to specify your name and email in the 'comments' field at the bottom of the training registration page.

VIII. Course Materials
After the training all trainees will receive:

  • The presentation slides
  • All demos and examples used during the training

IX. Minimum Number of Attendees
The minimum number of trainees required for this event is 5. If the minimum number is not reached, the course would be cancelled and payments refunded to subscribed attendees.

X. Technical Requirements
This course will be delivered online, via an online training software. Internet connection and a headset with microfone would be needed. All instructions on joining the webinar will be available in the training registration confirmation email received immediately after signup and payment.

XI. Questions?
For any questions regarding this training, please reach trainings [at] completit.com



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