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Silverlight News for January 14, 2009

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Tags: Drag and Drop , Managed Code , Silverlight Animation , scale your Silverlight control , XPS viewer , Visual Studio Gallery , service references , COLOURLovers , palettes in Expression Design , WPF and Silverlight format , SL installation experience

Jesse Liberty has a mini-tutorial called “Drag and Drop with Managed Code”. Here Jesse shares his experience with doing drag and drop in Silverlight. In the comments after the post people complain that there is no clickable demo and source code in the tutorial, but in spite of that this is still a good example.

Nigel Sampson has the continuation of his post “Beginning a Silverlight Animation framework”. He is now ready with the second part – “Silverlight Animation Part 2: Size”. Here he extends his animation system to be able to animate an elements size. You can see the end result of his posts at Silverlight Animation Examples.

Adam Kinney has an announcement – “COLOURLovers offers palettes in Expression Design, WPF and Silverlight format”. The great news is that the popular site COLOURlovers has just become even more useful, by now making palettes available for download as a Swatch Library for Expression Design, a ResourceDictionary for WPF and Brushes for Silverlight.

Bart Czernicki has published the third part of his articles called “Silverlight 3 - What we Know So Far & What We Can Predict”. This time he talks about Silverlight 3 Integration with the Microsoft OS and Platform Stack. Bart is going to take a look at the upcoming Silverlight 3 platform stack and how it will evolve to push Silverlight as the leading RIA for business applications.

Mike Snow is ready with another of his tips. He will show you how to scale your Silverlight control. The ScaleMode property allows you to specify how the controls within your Silverlight application are scaled when your Silverlight control is resized.

Koen Zwikstra took a shot at creating a proof-of-concept XPS viewer for Silverlight 2. The viewer is based on the excellent work of David Anson who managed to add XPS support to Silverlight with his SimpleSilverlightXpsViewer.

Jonathan van de Veen has published the fourth part of his adventures while building a Silverlight Enterprise application. The article is concentrated on localizing an application. The demo project is available for download.

Jeff Weber has a post with which he hopes to entice people to download Silverlight so they can play his game. He found out that some people are not willing to install the Silverlight plug-in in order to play his game, called Diver. See what a smart solution he has for the problem.

Jeff Wilcox has a post named “MergeDefaultStyles build task improves control development (w/source)”. According to Jeff his post will help you to improve the development process for controls by letting you separate out the actual styles, so you don’t spend so much time worrying about merge conflicts and diffs.

John Papa has made a kind of review of Shawn Wildermuth’s great post about controlling service references in Silverlight 2. See what John wants to tell you!

Scott Barnes has written an article on controlling your Silverlight installation experience. Scott will make you to put yourself in the end users shoes and you’ll learn about the other point of view. The advices he gives deserve your attention.

Anna Wrochna has a post about Silverlight and localization. She says that no matter how much she likes Silverlight, localization turns out to be a nightmare and that disappointed her a lot. In the post you’ll find a few references to articles on the same topic.



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