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  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Apr 21, 2010 (1 month ago)
    Alexey Zakharov has proposed a suggestion to create alternative grid layout for Silverlight and asks you to vote for it if you have also faced the same problems.

    As i write before current Silverlight Grid Layout breakes best practices of HTML and Adobe Flex Grid layouts. Current defention based approach have following disadvantages that makes xaml coding very hard:

    1. It is very hard to create new row. In that case you should rewrite all Grid.Row and Grid.Columns for all rows inserted below.
    2. Defenitions are static by their nature and because of it, it is impossible to use grid for dynamic forms. Currently even in toolkit DataForm Microsoft is using StackPanel. But StackPanel is not designed for multi column layout that have dataform.

  • 2 comments  /  posted by  Alexey Zakharov  on  Apr 19, 2010 (1 month ago)
    Tags: Halcyone , C# , Alexey Zakharov

    1. Introduction

    In this article I’m going to introduce a first public component of our silverlight application framework called Halcyone. In this experimental component we provide simple way for rapid silverlight REST services development. We are using convection based approach to minimize boilerplate code and provide reactive api based on IObservable push collections introduced in dev labs reactive extensions.

    You can get sources and samples from the project codeplex site:


  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Apr 07, 2010 (2 months ago)
    Alexey Zakharov has published this short tip on creating centered content with fixed maxwidth.

    Today we need to create centered content with fixed maxwidth. It is very easy to implement it for fixed width, but is not clear how to achieve the same for maxwidth.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Mar 25, 2010 (2 months ago)
    In this post Alexey Zakharov is trying to find a way to pass EventArgs as CommandParameter to DelegateCommand triggered by EventTrigger.

    By reverse engineering of default InvokeCommandAction I find that blend team just ignores event args.

    To resolve this issue I have created my own action for triggering delegate commands.

  • 6 comments  /  posted by  Alexey Zakharov  on  Dec 22, 2009 (5 months ago)

    1. Introduction

    This is the second article of my series about Silverlight web services tricks. At first time I planned to write only about WCF and that is why I called my article series “Deep dive into WCF”, but with my last experience I decided to move away from mainstream and offer some new unusual stuff. That is why I have generalized name of this series to “Deep dive into Silverlight services”.

    In this article I’m going to show how you can build a super fast REST web services using ASP.NET MVC and Google Protocol Buffers library.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Alexey Zakharov  on  Jul 27, 2009 (10 months ago)

    1. Introduction

    As many other Microsoft libraries and frameworks Windows Communication Foundation requires some workarounds to be used in the project, which is designed in test driven development style. The main problem is inability to use Dependency Injection pattern, which is the heart of test driven development. In this article I will show you a set of tricks for both Silverlight and .NET runtimes, which will allow you to use WCF inside TDD project.

    Download source code (Requires Silverlight 3 RTM).

  • 1 comments  /  posted by  Alexey Zakharov  on  Jul 23, 2009 (10 months ago)

    1. Introduction

    In my previous article about ADO.NET data services I showed you how to get a full control under the proxy generation process using T4 templates. But to tell you the truth, I don’t like code generation in all of its forms. Today I am going to show you how to use ADO.NET data services without code generation at all.

    Download source code (Requires Silverlight 3 RTM).

  • 16 comments  /  posted by  Alexey Zakharov  on  Jun 15, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    Tags: Deep Zoom , C# , Alexey Zakharov

    1. Introduction

    The use of Deep Zoom Composer for creating deep zoom source files is often inconvenient.

    For example, one guy has his online shop with thousands of high quality product images and after the release of Silverlight Deep Zoom technology he decided to use it. Surely he can’t decompose his images using Deep Zoom Composer, because due to the amount of existing site images it would take too much time.

    And this is not the only case when you want to dynamically generate multi scale image tile source for high quality images without any other preparations.

  • 11 comments  /  posted by  Alexey Zakharov  on  May 28, 2009 (more than a year ago)

    1. Introduction

    Currently Silverlight supports two ways of duplex communication: sockets and WCF polling duplex services. I was really impressed by the simplicity of using WCF polling duplex in Silverlight 3, but its responsiveness and scalability leaves much to be desired. On the opposite site we have sockets, which are rather tricky to use, but their responsiveness and scalability satisfy real world application requirements.

    In this article I’m going to introduce my SocketsLight framework, which should simplify the working with sockets by providing high level API over .NET sockets library.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Ilia Iordanov  on  Mar 04, 2009 (more than a year ago)

    Hi Silverlighters,

    We are proud to announce that Alexey Zakharov has joined the team of authors writing for This means that you are going to see more often articles written by him. For those of you who are not familiar with Alexey's work, we have to mention that he won the first place in the second edition of the Write and Win contest.

    Here is a list with all articles written by Alexey for SilverlightShow:

    1. Virtual earth deep zooming – 1st place Write and Win II
    2. ADO.NET Data Services Advanced Topics - Custom proxy based on T4 templates

    His future articles are going to be about the following topics: ADO.NET Data Services, Prism, DLR and Silverlight Application Design patterns.

    Alexey, thank you once again for doing this and good luck with the articles. We know you will write them perfectly!

    Sincerely Yours
    SilverlightShow Team

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