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  • 1 comments  /  posted by  Walter Ferrari  on  Mar 10, 2010 (3 months ago)


    This is the second and conclusive article about an example of a Bing Maps extension using Silverlight. Let me briefly recall the objective: in the first article I wrote about the need which may arise when planning an itinerary, I underlined that knowing the elevation profile would be useful. Having this functionality using the Maps Silverlight Control is not difficult. In the following sections we will see how to get elevation data as well as to plot them on a graph. You can enjoy a demo here and download the code here.

  • Introducing the Earthquake Locator – A Bing Maps Silverlight Application, Part 1

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Mar 09, 2010 (3 months ago)
    Bobby Diaz has created a nice Bing Maps application that shows the location and relative strength of recent seismic activity.

    The recent wave of earthquakes (no pun intended) being reported in the news got me wondering about the frequency and severity of earthquakes around the world. Since I’ve been doing a lot of Silverlight development lately, I decided to scratch my curiosity with a nice little Bing Maps application that will show the location and relative strength of recent seismic activity.

  • 6 comments  /  posted by  Walter Ferrari  on  Mar 08, 2010 (3 months ago)


    One of the things I found missing in the current Bing Maps product is the possibility to create an elevation surface profile of routes. Perhaps this feature may not seem much on demand but actually affects more people than expected. Think for example about sports events like marathons and cycling races: to see a preview of the elevation profile of the trail would be of great benefit to the participants. But even if you're just simple hikers you might want to know what is the difference in level of your walking or bicycle trip to better understand the effort that it would entail.

  • New Web Application Toolkits

    0 comments  /  posted by  Svetla Stoycheva  on  Feb 25, 2010 (3 months ago)
    Tags: Bing Maps , Calendar

    Hanu Kommalapati reviewed the three new Web Application Toolkits launched by Microsoft.

    Microsoft is launching three new Web Application Toolkits:

    1. a. Calendars 1.0
    2. b. Bing Maps 1.0
    3. c. Freemium Apps 1.0

    All the Web Application Toolkits including the previously released ones can be downloaded from:

    Please read further for the details of the 3 toolkits.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Allen Newton  on  Jan 22, 2010 (4 months ago)
    Discover Bing Maps Challenge

    Use Bing maps to navigate New York City and answer four questions. If youre spot-on, youll be entered to win a $100 gift card!

  • Silverlight, Bing Maps and Vectors

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jan 14, 2010 (5 months ago)

    Mike Taulty was looking for an example of how Silverlight content is drawn with vectors and he found something good at Bing Maps.

    If you haven’t seen the Bing Maps beta with Silverlight & PhotoSynth and all that goodness then read this post from Chris and then go and check it out although I warn you that it can eat quite a bit of time once you get playing with it. Anyway, back to vectors. It’s easy to see the “vector effect” on Bing Maps by just zooming the browser up to 200% or 400% where you can see the quality of the fonts and UI elements.

  • 3 comments  /  posted by  Andrej Tozon  on  Dec 01, 2009 (6 months ago)

    I don’t generally find the fall or winter an appropriate time to track weather conditions, but this is an exception.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Nov 12, 2009 (7 months ago)
    Tags: Bing Maps
    Vincent Leung announces the release of Bing Maps Silverlight Control SDKs and also shares some useful links on the subject.Image

    The Bing Maps Silverlight Control combines the power of Silverlight and Bing Maps to provide an enhanced mapping experience. Developers can use the Bing Maps Silverlight Control to incorporate the latest location and local search features into their applications.

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