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  • Book review: Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development

    0 comments  /  posted by  Svetla Stoycheva  on  Sep 06, 2010 (1 month ago)

    Emil Stoychev posted a quick review of the book 'Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development' on his blog.

    As the authors Frank LaVigne and Cameron Albert say this beginner’s guide in Silverlight 4 Business Application Development walks you through the wow factors of creating interactive RIAs and quickly start building business applications. The examples in the book are structured in a clear step by step manner, making you eager to start exploring the features right away. After the brief “Time for action” instructions there is a great “What just happened?” section which makes an overall look at the described feature and will certainly give you ideas for your own work.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jul 29, 2010 (2 months ago)
    Tags: DataGrid , Business Applications , Jose Luis Latorre Millas
    In this post, Jose Luis Latorre Millas discusses how to set the SelectedItem on the corresponding DataGrid property.

    I have been developing a Silverlight business application and one of the problems I have found is the “inconsistency” of the DataGrid… at least of some of its behaviors, when I click on a row, I expect that the SelectedItem (the clicked one) is set on the corresponding DataGrid property.

    But it does not. at least not “always”, lets be clear maybe I’m doing something wrong but this randomness on this behavior is driving me crazy, if I click on a Grid row, it should select it and mark the SelectedItem on the corresponding property, right? 

  • Understanding the Value of Prism (Silverlight TV #37)

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jul 23, 2010 (3 months ago)
    In this episode of Silverlight TV, Brian Noyes and John Papa discuss some strategies for building Silverlight business applications.

    John and Brian discuss what Prism is, when to use it, when not to use it, and how to pick and choose which parts of Prism may be of most value to your application.

    Prism is made up of various parts including modularity, regions, the shell, commanding, events/messaging. Brian explains and demonstrates how each of these concepts is tackled by Prism 2.2 and some possible future plans for Prism 4. 

  • Debugging an OOB Silverlight Business Application

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jul 20, 2010 (3 months ago)
    If you are using the “Silverlight Business Application” template you might have a problem with out-of-browser debugging. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround documented by Deepesh Mohnani.

    Recently, we came across a bug with the Silverlight Business Application with respect to an Out of Browser application. In the RTM bits for Silverlight 4 Tools a new feature was added to enable a better debugging experience with Out of Browser application. The feature basically launched the app in OOB window when run with the debugger attached. If you have tried that with the business application template, you will notice that the app does not run. It crashes with an exception, that the URI path is not valid.

  • Silverlight Business Application - Side Navigation Bar

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jun 24, 2010 (3 months ago)
    Tags: Navigation , Business Applications , Silverlight 4 , Martin Naughton
    This post of Martin Naughton is on moving the Navigation links to the left-hand-side of the display in RIA Services.

    If you're using the Silverlight Business Application template, you may have also noticed the recently-released Silverlight 4 Theme Refresh:


    As an experiment, I wanted to move the Navigation links to the left-hand-side of the display, to allow more flexibility to add links at a later stage.

  • 0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  May 25, 2010 (4 months ago)
    This article is part one of a series written by Weidong Shen on developing a Silverlight business application using MEF, MVVM Light, and WCF RIA Services.

    This sample application is the result of my initiative to learn Silverlight and WCF RIA Services. With my background of using WPF and MVVM for the past several years, I found that there is a lack of sample LOB applications that can combine the latest Silverlight enhancements with MVVM. This three part article series is my effort at creating such a sample. The choice of an issue tracking application comes from David Poll's PDC09 talk, and the design architecture is from Shawn Wildermuth's blog posts.

  • author  Chris Anderson  /  released on  Sep 30, 2010
    Pro Business Applications with Silverlight 4

    Coming soon...

    Product Description

    Silverlight 4 has the potential to revolutionize the way we build business applications. With its flexibility, web deployment, cross-platform capabilities, rich .NET language support on the client, rich user interface control set, small runtime, and more, it comes close to the perfect platform in which to build business applications. It’s a very powerful technology, and despite its youth, it’s moving forward at a rapid pace and is gaining widespread adoption.

    This book will guide you through the process of designing and developing enterprise-strength business applications in Silverlight 4 and C#. You will learn how to take advantage of the power of Silverlight to develop rich and robust business applications, from getting started to deployment, and everything in between.

    In particular, this book will serve developers who want to learn how to design business applications, and introduce the patterns to use, the issues that you’ll face, and how to resolve them. Chris Anderson, who has been building line-of-business applications for years, demonstrates his experience through a candid presentation of how to tackle real-life issues, rather than just avoid them. Developers will benefit from his hard-won expertise through business application design patterns that he shares throughout the book.


    Buy from:

  • Free Training - Building Silverlight Business Applications

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Apr 21, 2010 (6 months ago)
    John Papa is happy to announce that he and his team recently released a new free Silverlight 4 training kit that walks you through building business applications with Silverlight 4.

    You can use the 8 modules, 25 videos, and several hands on labs online or offline from links on the Channel 9 site. I’ve included a breakdown and links to all of the content here in this post. The key to this training material is not the features it covers (though it covers a variety of topics including the features in this cloud) but rather that it teaches from the perspective of building a business application.

  • author  Cameron Albert, Frank La Vigne  /  released on  Apr 06, 2010
    Microsoft Silverlight 4 Business Application Development: Beginners Guide Product Description
    Build enterprise-ready business applications with Silverlight
    • An introduction to building enterprise-ready business applications with Silverlight quickly.
    • Get hold of the basic tools and skills needed to get started in Silverlight application development.
    • Integrate different media types, taking the RIA experience further with Silverlight, and much more!
    • Rapidly manage business focused controls, data, and business logic connectivity.
    • A suite of business applications will be built over the course of the book and all examples will be geared around real-world useful application developments, enabling .NET developers to focus on getting started in business application development using Silverlight.

    Buy from:

  • Silverlight 4 + RIA Services - Ready for Business: Validating Data

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Mar 24, 2010 (7 months ago)
    To continue his series on RIA Services and Silverlight 4, Brad Abrams decided to take a look at data validation.

    Updating data is great, but when you enable data update you often need to check the data to ensure it is valid.  RIA Services as clean, prescriptive pattern for handling this. First let’s look at what you get for free. The value for any field entered has to be valid for the range of that data type. For example, you never need to write code to ensure someone didn’t type is “forty-two” into a textbox bound to an int field. You also get nice looking and well behaved validation exposure in the UI. 

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