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  • author  John Kanalakis  /  released on  Jul 30, 2010
    Pro Game Design with Silverlight 4 Coming soon...

    Product Description

    It was once common knowledge that anyone interested in making Web-based games must learn Flash and ActionScript. Things have changed with Silverlight 4—now you can leverage your existing C# language skills to produce high-quality and feature-rich games for the Web.

    Pro Game Design with Silverlight 4 teaches you how to build a flexible and feature-rich Web-based game engine using Microsoft’s Silverlight 4 Web plug-in for Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You’ll learn the fundamentals of game design and how to implement them in a flexible and highly re-usable Silverlight game “template,” or engine. Throughout this discovery process, you will find new and innovative ways to apply the C# programming language and XAML markup language.

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