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  • Silverlight 3 Polling Duplex Chat and Realtime Stock Updates

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Jul 01, 2009 (9 months ago)
    In this article Peter Bromberg shows how Duplex polling can use the "push" model to send subscribed realtime stock price updates to connected clients.

    I was asked to prototype something with the Duplex Polling feature of Silverlight 3 for some new Silverlight applications we're working on for So, like any good developer, the first thing I did was set out not to have to reinvent the wheel. I found several good examples of duplex on the web, but the one that best suited my needs was the "Duplex End to End Sample". This is a well-written simple chat service that also sends out a fake random stock price update using the "Push to all clients" model.

  • 5 comments  /  posted by  Thomas Holloway  on  Jul 06, 2008 (more than a year ago)

    Note: This article is submitted by Thomas Holloway for Silverlight Contest: Write and Win.Thanks a lot, Thomas! Hello All, Please drop a comment if you like it.

    Alright, so now that we know what a simple messenger looks like with WCF callbacks, what does it take to put one together in Silverlight? For starters, Silverlight does not have the same capabilities as the full WCF framework. WCF callbacks in Silverlight must be done through HTTP Polling and therefore we don’t really have a truly bi-directional environment. Instead, we must manually setup the message asynchronous message architecture with a few special classes in a new System.ServiceModel.PollingDuplex library.

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