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  • Testing Silverlight Applications

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Mar 02, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    Tags: Framework , Testing , Tim Heuer , Silverlight Unit Test Framework , SilverUnit , Selenium

    Tim Heuer has posted about a few frameworks for Silverlight that might be interesting for those developers who like various aspect of testing in their application.

    Testing and patterns of testing vary.  I’ve seen many religious debates about TDD and what people think is right/wrong/whatever.  I’m not here to say anything on that – but that if you are testing beyond compiling and playing with it, that you should look at these types of frameworks evolving…they are easy to use and should be great additions to your development lifecycle. 

  • 1 comments  /  posted by  Ilia Iordanov  on  Feb 26, 2009 (more than a year ago)
    Roy Osherove has just released SilverUnit, a unit testing framework for Silverlight code. It is written entirely in VB and you can find more information and download SilverUnit from CodePlex here.

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