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MIX10: Adam Kinney on Silverlight, Project Rosetta, .toolbox and more

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0 comments  /  Show #21 with Adam Kinney  /  15 minutes  /  Mar 26, 2010
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Adam Kinney talks with SilverlightShow representative Cigdem Patlak at MIX10 about his role at Microsoft, Silverlight adoption, Project Rosetta, .toolbox and the SilverlightShow EcoContest.

Guest profile

Adam Kinney

Adam Kinney

Beginning life as an art student, then after a stint in the military joining the world of technology, Adam Kinney feels right at home in that sweet spot between Designer and Developer. Always at least a part-time evangelist, Adam has traveled the trail of UI technologies. First HTML/CSS, then Flash, WPF and now Silverlight, the one client technology to rule them all, he has enjoyed learning, experimenting and teaching them all. Adam’s current focus is Expression Blend, the first interactive design tool that’s really made him happy as a designer and developer. Adam blogs at Follow Adam on Twitter.


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