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XAML Element Binding

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3 comments   /   posted by Emil Stoychev on Mar 24, 2009
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Categories: General , Binding

Silverlight 3 enables property binding to CLR objects and other UI components via XAML – UI to UI binding. It is useful in a lot of scenarios and saves time for both developers and designers.


Download source code


{Binding Value, ElementName=MySlider}

where Value is property of a CLR object and MySlider is the name of this object

Hope that helps!



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  • RE: XAML Element Binding  

    posted by Matt on Sep 11, 2009 19:12
    Is there supposed to be something in this article between the Example heading and the Download source code? Just checking because my screen shows a huge white space (Firefox browser). Just letting you know - keep up the good work.

    -Matt (VB)

  • RE: XAML Element Binding  

    posted by emil on Sep 14, 2009 10:14
    Thanks, Matt! The demo is fixed.
  • RE: XAML Element Binding  

    posted by charlierlee on May 07, 2010 00:30
    That's great, but what if the item you want to bind to is not anywhere your current FrameworkElement? The binding fails :(
    Anyways, it turns out, if you wrap your content in a ContentControl, the binding succeeds.

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