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  • 0 comments  /  aggregated from  Nikhil Kothari's Weblog  on  Oct 04, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article
    This post describes how you can use Google Analytics to track users browsing and visiting your site with Silverlight-enabled browsers in the interim... until Google updates its engine to natively track Silverlight versions.

  • Other Silverlight SEO Techniques

    0 comments  /  aggregated from  Synergist  on  Oct 03, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article
    The technique described in my previous post will work for Silverlight solutions that generate XAML on the server side as well as solutions that have multiple static XAML files that are composited at runtime: < div id ="SLHost"> < asp ...
  • 0 comments  /  aggregated from  mswatcher  on  Aug 29, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article
    ... we have a few HTML popups here and there... floating divs for user info being one example. At the same time as we've been adding that feature, we also moved from using Windows Media Player to using Silverlight as our video player.
  • 0 comments  /  aggregated from  Silver Lighting - My Silverlight Blog  on  Aug 27, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article



    Any web mashups, by definition, require cross-domain calls. Those cross-domain calls may happen on the client (in the browser) or on the server. Regardless of the client technology (AJAX, Flash, Silverlight, etc.), cross domain calls on the client are always more complex that server-side cross-domain calls, and for good reason. It's tricky in AJAX, and it's downright difficult in Silverlight. You'll know that Silverlight development has become more widespread when you hear a lot more complaints about this problem.

  • 0 comments  /  aggregated from  Jesse Liberty - Silverlight Geek  on  Aug 27, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article

    The following is part of a continuing "fantasy learning experience" of a .NET programmer learning Silverlight using the resources on this site. The premise is that this experience is "asynchronous" in that you may choose to join our novice at any time, reading the various day's entries as you like, adding to the experience with your own comments, exercises, etc.  

    Bold print entries are from the part of my brain which is the Silverlight Geek.  Light print entries are from the fantasy novice. 


    I finally made it through all the set up, decided based on Silverlight Geek's entries, that I'll use Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 as my development environment (see BUILD SILVERLIGHT 1.0 RC APPLICATIONS USING VISUAL STUDIO 2008 ) and, having followed the discussion on this blog, I'm going to install Justin's library to allow me to have Intellisense in Javascript.

  • Silverlight Peformance Tips

    0 comments  /  aggregated from  Michael's Blog  on  Aug 10, 2007 (more than a year ago)   /   original article

    A great post about some Silverlight performance tips: Silverlight: A few thoughts on minimizing CPU usage:

    The first two suggestions will have the most drastic improvement on the performance of your Silverlight application, and can affect CPU usage, framerate, and application responsiveness.

    1. IsWindowless=false is faster
    2. Opaque Background is faster
    3. Read full article...

    An there is an MSDN article about Animation Performance Tips.

    Read more ...

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