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Welcome aboard Chris!

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6 comments   /   posted by Ilia Iordanov on Oct 27, 2008
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Hi Silverlighters,

We are proud to announce that Chris Anderson has joined the team of authors writing for This means that you are going to see articles written by him more often. For those of you who do not know who Chris is, we will just mention that he won the second place award in the Silverlight Write & Contest with the amazing article Building a Framework for Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications.

In the next weeks he will stick to the following schedule to extend his LOB application:

Part 1: Building a Framework for Silverlight Line-Of-Business Applications - published;
Part 2: Implementing the complete product list screen - including paging, sorting, and searching the list.  Using dynamic lambda expressions to query the Entity Framework - published;
Part 3: Implementing secure web services.  Structuring projects to share business logic between the client and the server.  Discussion of ADO.NET data services and cslalight - published;
Part 4: Creating the needed business objects - published;
Part 5: Creating a form to view and edit the details of a product.  Topics include generating the form, implementing validation rules, implementing drop down lists and caching the data for these in isolated storage - published;
Part 6: Implementing reporting (including HTML DOM interoperability) - published
    Part 7.1: Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Styling Part 7.1 - published;
    Part 7.2: Building a Silverlight Line-Of-Business Application – Silverlight Styling Concepts 7.2 - published;
Part 7.3: Design Tools and Usage Hints;
    Part 7.4: Restyling The Framework;
    Part 7.5: Restyling The Login and Summary List pages;
    Part 7.6: Restyling The Product Details pages (including coverage of the ImplicitStyleManager control.

Chris, thank you once again for doing this and good luck with the articles, we know you will do it perfectly!

Sincerely Yours
SilverlightShow Team



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  • RE: Welcome aboard Chris!  

    posted by Rachida Dukes on Oct 27, 2008 13:08

    Hope to hear more details about your LOB application. Keep the good work.


  • RE: Welcome aboard Chris!  

    posted by Prakash on Nov 11, 2008 12:58

    Hi Chris,

               Waiting for add edit. Keep up the great Work.



  • RE: Welcome aboard Chris!  

    posted by cadbloke on Nov 12, 2008 14:09

    You should do a user-group presentation or 2 on this ;)

  • RE: Welcome aboard Chris!  

    posted by Ben Hayat on Nov 13, 2008 12:34

    Chris, it's nice to follow your work. Looking forward to the rest!


  • RE: Welcome aboard Chris!  

    posted by Aleksandar on Nov 20, 2008 15:07

    The best silverlight article series I've read!!

  • RE: Welcome aboard Chris!  

    posted by Antonis on Dec 02, 2008 06:54

     Very good job!


    Many thanks

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