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  • 0 comments  /  Show #44  with  Chris Anderson   /   70 minutes   /   Sep 08, 2010 (6 days ago)

    Watch a recording of SilverlightShow Webinar 'Running Silverlight Outside the Browser and with Elevated Trust', delivered by Chris Anderson (read full webinar info).

    Download the sample application used during the webinar

    The webinar covered the following topics:


    • Silverlight OOB vs WPF XBAP
    • How to take your Silverlight application outside the browser (to run in sandboxed mode)
    • New features available to sandboxed OOB applications
    • Enabling elevated trust for OOB applications
    • New features available to OOB applications with elevated trust
    • Signing your Silverlight OOB application
    Thanks to everyone who actively participated in the Q&A session, and provided their feedback on this webinar! We apologize for the bad sound quality at times.

Watch the recording of the latest SilverlightShow webcast 'Running Silverlight Outside the Browser and with Elevated Trust'.
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