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  • Silverlight News for November 12, 2008

    0 comments  /  posted by  Silverlight Show  on  Nov 11, 2008 (more than a year ago)


    Dan Wahlin has been at the DevConnections conference in Las Vegas and has the Silverlight Workshop materials on his blog for those of you who didn’t have the chance to be there.

    Dave Britton made a Silverlight presentation at Silicon Valley Code Camp 2008 and has published all of the materials on his blog.

    Jordan Knight wrote the article “Fire collection updated events from a special Silverlight ItemsControl”. The EventItemsControl intercepts collection changes and allows its child controls to run animations before updating the base collection and causing a layout refresh. Here you can also find a sample and live demo.

    At Lee’s Corner you can find a good tip for changing the background

    of AutoCompleteBox.

    The Silverlight SDK Team has published a few links which will answer the most frequently asked questions in the forums about using Silverlight with WCF services and also HTTP and security questions.

    Project Rosetta has been updated to Silverlight version 2 and has a new home on Channel 9.

    Ian Griffiths has published his SlDynamicBitmap project whisch offers a solution of the missing ability of Silverlight to generate bitmaps from pixels in code at runtime. You can download a ZIP containing both binary and source, or you can browse the source online.

    Dave Burke starts a series of posts that he calls "Silverlite" series, in which he is going to discuss the problems he encounters during his work with Silverlight 2.0. The first one is concentrated on what to do if XAML file changes you make aren't being updated when you debug your project in Visual Studio or refresh your site XAP file.

    Anna Wrochna came with an article about dynamically finding a storyboard in the VisualStateManager.

    Robby Ingebretsen has a few things to share about ToolBox Panels (for WPF and Silverlight). Probably you will be interested in the ColumnWrapPanel, so do not miss to check this post.

    Yesterday Kathy Kam gave a session at TechEd EMEA on “Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2”. You can download Kathy’s deck and demo from her blog.

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