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The Ugly Duckling - Part 2

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0 comments  /  Show #19 with András Velvárt  /  42 minutes  /  Mar 05, 2010
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In the first part of the series, I introduced the application, and created the “ugly duckling” version, where the end user could already browse the and watch the videos. In this part, I am going to add some bling to the app – namely the Intro animation, the ability to skip it, and to replay it. The Intro animation itself is not created with Silverlight, so I will just use it as a video. This part takes heavy use of Visual States, Behaviors and Easings.

That screencast is connected with the Transforming an Ugly Duckling to a Graceful Swan with Expression Blend and Silverlight - Part 2 Intro Animation article.

Here is what happens in the screencast:

Time Content
@ 0:00 Introduction and showing off what we are building in this screencast
@ 1:40 Adding the intro animation – preparation
@ 2:40 Adding the intro animation - MediaElement
@ 3:47 Visual State for playing the intro and transition between PlayingIntro and ShowingUIAfterIntro states
@ 4:57 Make the App start up in the PlayingIntro state
@ 6:07 Adding the EndCueTrigger
@ 9:40 Adding the playback status display
@ 12:50 Adding IntroStatusVisible and IntroStatusHidden states and transitions
@ 14:38 Creating the MediaElementStateToVSMBehavior
@ 16:18 Using the MediaElementStateToVSMBehavior to show and hide the video status display
@ 19:08 Creating the DisplayMediaStatusBehavior
@ 21:00 Using the DisplayMediaStatusBehavior to set the text for the video status display
@ 22:30 Adding the skip intro button
@ 24:30 Adding a glow effect to the skip intro button
@ 25:50 Creating MouseOverOpacityBehavior
@ 28:14 Applying the MouseOverOpacityBehavior to the skip intro button
@ 29:35 Making the skip intro button skip the intro
@ 31:30 Replay Intro – creating the highlight on the box
@ 33:20 Creating ReplayIntroVisible and ReplayIntroHidden states and transitions
@ 38:10 Adding some code to the skip intro and replay intro features
@ 41:30 Summing up

Guest profile

András  Velvárt

András Velvárt

András is the founder, lead developer, architect, idea-man and CEO of Response Ltd ( - a small, 6 years old ISV company, with 6 developers and designers, based in Hungary. András is extremely passionate about technology, user experience, and how technology can be brought closer to people (he coined the term “grandmother’s computing”).


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