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MIX10: Day#2 Mini-Notes

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0 comments   /   posted by Cigdem Patlak on Mar 19, 2010
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As most of you probably already know, the MIX10 Keynote#2 was all about IE9, data services and Open Data Protocol (OData), with keynote speakers Scott Guthrie, Dean Hachamovitch, Douglas Purdy and Bill Buxton. 

A few important notes:
Internet Explorer Platform Preview for IE9 is available now, if you want to start to check out IE9's new Web platform capabilities. 
Microsoft announced it will contribute to the new features of JQuery.
ASP.NET MVC2 will be included in Visual Studio 2010.
The .NET OData client is available now under the Apache license.
The 2nd CTP of Dallas, an information marketplace for the Windows Azure Platform.was announced - a unique opportunity for developers to monetize their data.

It was fantastic to see Bill Buxton again; his talk mainly was a reminder that technology is just an enabler.
Developers have to think about human centered design and realize that mobile is key! He ended his talk introducing a project called Project Gustav by Microsoft Research, which Nicolas Kamuda demoed. This is a super realistic painting-system leveraging the computing power of modern GPU's and making use of multitouch and input technology and Microsoft's natural media-modeling and brush simulation algorithms. The demo features were just jaw-dropping for anyone who enjoys Art and showed how a tech solution can respect the skills people spent decades to acquire.

Tuesday's sessions were dominated by Windows Phone Development talks; which revealed tips and tricks to start off with Silverlight mobile development. If you want to come up with some cool stuff, the best time to act is now! Numerous attendees were already working on their first mobile apps for the Windows Phone and exchanged ideas for apps. All MIX10 videos can be found here.

There were many social gatherings before the actual MIX10 Attendee party at LAX Luxor; which was completely packed. 

My notes on MIX10 day#3 will follow!

A little note on the live MIX10 reporter: I am Cigdem Patlak, the Community Vote Winner for SilverlightShow Eco Contest. I am happy to share some insider news from MIX10 and help out the SilverlightShow team. My blog can be reached via and you can find me on Twitter as crocusgirl.


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