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MIX10: Day#3 Mini-Notes

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0 comments   /   posted by Cigdem Patlak on Mar 20, 2010
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The last day of MIX10 was pretty hectic! I ran from one amazing session to the next one; stopping by frequently at the Commons. Here are the sessions I really enjoyed on Wednesday:

Developing  Multiplayer Games with Microsoft Silverlight 4
Speakers: Mike Downey and Grant Skinner

Search Engine Optimization for Microsoft Silverlight
Speaker: Brad Abrams

Accessing Web Services in Silverlight 4
Speaker: Yavor Georgiev

Flash Skills Applied to Microsoft Silverlight Design and Development
Speaker: Adam Kinney

Unlocking Audio/Video Content with Speech Recognition
Speaker: Behrooz Chitsaz 

Like any attendee, I have my own MIX10 highlights:
I got a chance to talk to Laurent Bugnion about MVVM and his new Silverlight 4 book. Then I talked to Adam Kinney about Expression Blend, Project Rosetta and .toolBox. I also chatted with Dave Campbell throughout MIX10, who encouraged me to blog more about my Silverlight experiments.

MIX10 is over; yet the excitement of doing Silverlight development on the Windows Phone 7 Series has just begun! There are already various news and blog posts out there, but you may want to check out Charles Petzold's free ebook "Programming Windows Phone 7 Series" first.

You can find all MIX10 session videos here; but also take some time to discover how much fun we had at MIX10 by browsing through the event pictures. You might be among the MIX11 crowd next year! 

Thanks to the SilverlightShow team for my incredible MIX10 experience.

A little note on the live MIX10 reporter: I am Cigdem Patlak, the Community Vote Winner for SilverlightShow Eco Contest. I am happy to share some insider news from MIX10 and help out the SilverlightShow team. My blog can be reached via and you can find me on Twitter as crocusgirl.



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