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Today's DataVisualizationDemos release includes new demos showing off stacked series behavior

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0 comments   /   posted by Silverlight Show on Apr 23, 2010
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David Anson has another great DataVisualization post with new samples.

My DataVisualizationDemos application is a collection of nearly all the Data Visualization samples I've posted to my blog. And just like the Data Visualization assembly (get Silverlight/WPF Data Visualization Development Release 4 here!), the demo application runs on Silverlight 3,Silverlight 4, WPF 3.5, and WPF 4 and shares the same code and XAML across all platforms. It's a handy way to look at bunch of sample code running on any of the supported platforms. What's more, each demo page has hyperlinks to relevant blog post(s) for more detail about each scenario, so it's a good learning tool as well! :)



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